Mencius, With All My Heart, Chapter 20
There are three great pleasures of a man. But to be king is not one of them. The first pleasure is parents being in good health and brothers and sisters living in harmony. No guilt in conscience is the second pleasure. The third pleasure is recruiting and educating talents of the world.

▸Sun Union Education Technology Beijing Co.,Ltd was established in Beijing in 2017. Based on the concept of “Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders“, with rich understanding of education and operation, Sun Union focuses on providing personalized education in China, including learning centers, training centers, and children development centers. The company has diversified business, including self-owned brand, investment promotion, franchise, strategic investment, and education investment fund. Sun Union will continuously improve project R & D, platform upgrade, expand product line, and eventually build a quality education platform for 0-18 years old.

▸With strong comprehensive strength, the shareholders of Sun Union has invested in many business, including steel, real estate, electricity sales, finance and has been deeply involved in kindergarten, secondary school and university.

▸Sun Union has a dedication to education, hoping to gather high-quality educational resources, and with the output of its own high-quality teachers, core education content and mature management model, to establish a high-quality operation and service platform.