Sanle Youhe Education was established in 2017 and is headquartered in Beijing, adhering to the educational concept of cultivating future leaders. Focusing on Chinas personalized education, with a rich understanding of education and a scientific and perfect operating model, the company has established its own brand division, authorized investment division, franchised brand division, strategic investment division, etc. Relevant business sector, and set up a comprehensive education investment fund ...


  • Off campus training institution

    With the resumption of primary and secondary schools in Lanzhou There are also new developments in off campus training institutions ...

  • China's capital market is popul

    Since China novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, China has been unswervingly promoting the two-way opening of capital market, and is being pursued by international investors. ...

  • Establish education industry fu

    Against the trend, it comes from the positive prediction of Sanle Youhe education on China's economic development and the positive strategic layout of China's education and training industry in the transformation period. Driven by capital and industry, to build a new force in China's education and training industry! ...



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