faithfulness, integrity, industriousness, fusion, courage
customers:to every family and child, and keep providing faithful and good services and products.
employees:Be faithful to the company, professional ethics and conscience.
partners:Be faithful to partners to establish mutually beneficial and sustainable win-win development.

customers:Always provide customers with right and suitable products, so that each family and child can continue to benefit from the correct guidance and services.
Employees:Be a man before doing things. Whatever the reason, the occasion, and the purpose, all employees are doing things with integrity.
Partners:The development of cooperation must be correct and upright. The cooperation of all partners will be honest and fair.

customers:Strive to create an experience that exceeds customer expectations. Pursue excellence in every customer's experience and learning achievements
employees:Diligent in thinking, innovation, and giving. Create a united team that can endure hardships.
partners:Work diligently and respectfully with partners of cooperation.

customers:Take customers' needs, experiences, processes and results into consideration. Care for customers and communicate.
employees:The competence of the team comes from mutual recognition, acceptance, support and trust of the team members
partners:The long-term and stable win-win situation results from the integration of needs. Look for partners with the possibility of integration, and keep the cooperation with partners smooth to create efficient business processes

customers:Take up the responsibility to provide comprehensive preparation and thinking for customer service; Put forward detailed plans in time to communicate with customers for the matters and suggestions that customers need to pay attention to.
employees:Walk hard and take responsibility. The company's mission to employees is to create an innovative spirit.
partners:Have the courage to face different demands, forms and strategies. Positively seeking solutions suitable for company's development challenge the impossible.