Off campus training institutions in Chengguan District of La

2020-04-29 21:41

With the resumption of primary and secondary schools in Lanzhou
There are also new developments in off campus training institutions
On April 14, the reporter learned from the training on epidemic prevention and control of off campus training institutions held by Chengguan District Education Bureau and the arrangement meeting on returning to work and returning to school that Chengguan District Education Bureau strictly implemented the requirements of "off campus training institutions resume training activities in corresponding grades one week after the opening of local primary and secondary schools and approved by the district and county education administrative departments" in the guidance of opening work of provincial and municipal education administrative departments Ask.           
The opening time of adult training and senior three training class is from April 16            The training class of grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 of senior high school is applied for starting on April 20           
The first, second, fourth, fifth and sixth grades of primary school apply to start on April 27           
The application time for the first, second and third grades of primary school starts from April 30           
The training courses of other training schools such as arts shall be implemented with reference to the cultural courses          
 It is understood that in order to resolutely implement the requirements for resumption of work and production of the provincial and municipal Party committee and government and the guidance of the provincial and municipal education administrative departments on school opening work, actively respond to the call of off campus training schools, and try to meet the needs of the people and children for education, the Chengguan District Education Bureau held the epidemic prevention and control work of off campus training institutions in the multi-functional hall on the sixth floor of Minzhu West Road Primary School on April 14 Training and resumption work arrangement meeting. Principals of 274 out of school training institutions (including teaching sites) approved by Chengguan District Education Bureau attended the meeting. Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control training is being invited to the school training department of Lanzhou District, Liu Zheng, director of the school of health supervision and health administration of Chengguan District Health and Health Bureau. The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control operation standard, disinfection operation standard, emergency disposal process, prevention and control strategy were introduced by Liu Zheng, who made specific guidance for the training institutions before the resumption of work and rehabilitation.           
It is reported that the meeting requires all training schools to put the life safety and physical and mental health of teachers and students first, strictly implement the national, provincial, municipal and district epidemic prevention and control work instructions and deployment requirements, implement the epidemic prevention and control work before and after the resumption of work and school, keep the ideology, standards and requirements unchanged, and do a solid job in epidemic prevention and control and orderly resumption of work and classes in off campus training institutions To ensure a smooth transition and gradually restore normal training order.           
The meeting requires that each training can submit the application for resumption of the corresponding grade to the education bureau one week after the commencement of the academic school. Only after the joint supervision group of the Education Bureau and the Health Bureau has passed the on-the-spot inspection can the training be started. If it fails, it cannot be started. Schools that open classes without acceptance shall, once verified, be dealt with in strict accordance with laws and regulations.           
At the same time, the training school is required to strictly control the entrance of students. Students must fill in the health information card and promise to return to school for one week. Student training schools that do not have a health information card refuse to participate in the training.           
The meeting also made specific requirements for the training school's material reserve, site killing, student enrollment process, wrong peak and wrong time training, etc.           
Finally, Cui Haihui, deputy director of the Education Bureau, said that epidemic prevention and control is the top priority at present. All training schools should unify their thinking and improve their understanding to ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention and control. Legal persons and principals are the first responsible persons for epidemic prevention and control, and they must stick to their posts and consolidate their responsibilities. All training schools should focus on their work, implement epidemic prevention and control measures, and fully guarantee teachers and students Health and safety: all training schools should closely contact with local communities and medical institutions, actively accept the guidance and supervision of relevant departments, jointly carry out the prevention and control work, and build up the safety defense line for epidemic prevention and control.