Establish education industry fund of 100 million yuan

2020-04-29 21:23

Sanle Youhe education plans to set up a hundred million yuan scale education industry fund, which will work together with excellent partners in the industry to build a 0-18-year-old quality education complex industry.           
Sanle Youhe education was founded in 2017, headquartered in Beijing, adhering to the education concept of "cultivating future leaders". Focusing on China's personalized education, with rich understanding of education and scientific and perfect operation mode, the brand has established a number of business divisions and related business segments, mainly including private brand business division, authorized investment promotion business division, franchised brand business division and strategic investment business division.          
 Sanle Youhe said that it will use capital to accelerate industrial development and build its own education ecosystem:          
- 0-3 years old, early education and foster care, open a wonderful future;           
- 3-6 years old, interest education enlightenment, personalized development;           
- 6-12 years old, all kinds of quality education, teaching students according to their aptitude;            - 12-18 years old, international education, talent plan.           
In terms of investment strategy, on the basis of priority industry investment, "brand" and "category" positioning will be distinguished. For the top "brands" in the industry segment, the priority is given to holding type acquisition, while for the advantageous "categories" with resources and characteristics, strategic investment and coordinated development are sought. Brand first, will become the company's matrix in the track, category assistance can provide fresh blood for the matrix, win-win development.           
At present, the company has contacted with a number of professional investment institutions in the venture capital circle to discuss cooperation. At the same time, shareholders are also actively preparing to establish their own fund management company, believing that the fund will soon be launched and carry out substantive business.